Reflections from a hillside in Croatia

We are breaking up our exploration of wild and unexplored places, and treating ourselves to a few days of holiday luxury. A villa, on the hillside and to the east of Rab, on Rab Island. We are away from the edge of the glittering Adriatic, but the comfort and view of thi ..

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Cuttlefish, cloudy wine and other Croatian discoveries

As you may have read in a previous blog, there is a great pleasure to be found in travelling to new and unknown places, and we approach our holidays with excitement and anticipation of new discoveries, sights, people, foods and, of course, wines. Croatia is a count ..

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Going on holiday? DONT. ANNOY. YOUR BEES.

Not all work here is winemaking and farming. I am also a keen beekeeper; what I lack in experience, I make up for in enthusiasm. It is a constant and steep learning curve, beekeeping; but never so much as today. Beekeeping 101: when you are about to go on holiday, a ..

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