2009 Petit Verdot, out and about.

Public Inn in Castlemaine are having their 100 Mile Seasonal Dinner on 22nd November. We have always loved this restaurant, where our MBE Merlot comes out of one of the barrels on the wall, but we also love the 100 Mile concept, and so we were pretty chuffed to have Public Inn ask for our 2009 Petit Verdot to come along to the party... Those of you who know us Burrumbooters, know that we a) love seasonal produce b) love local produce and c) love going out for great food, wine and beer! Ok, so c) was a given... Up here, where we have a big veggie garden, make our own wine, and grow our own lamb, pork, duck, chicken, we sometimes take for granted how special it is to enjoy food literally from paddock to plate. Over the last few years, we have made our own cheeses, ( nearly burnt the house down melting wax for my Cheddars!), our own prosciuttos, ( Andrew nearly took his thumb off cutting into a new ham), sausages, olives, and all manner of peasant foods. And they've been great! (If slightly dangerous...but we are not deterred!). It has also occurred to us that eating like a traditional peasant involves LIVING like a traditional peasant ie you don't have time for any other work besides toiling in the garden, kitchen and coolroom... In fact, to make your own food like a peasant pretty much requires one of you to BE a full time peasant, and the other one to work full-time, to make the money to pay for living the life...
So obviously not everyone has the time or inclination for true peasant living, which is why it is great when places like Public Inn do their 100 Mile Seasonal Dinner. Fantastic locally produced delicacies; organic vegetables, local goats cheeses, meats,... The list goes on. Also our latest released 2009 Petit Verdot, which is yummy and delicious and luscious and intense and all things good. So check it out and book it in public inn.com.au
See you there!