About MBE


At Mount Burrumboot Estate we like to think outside the square.

Bransons have been farming this land, at the Northern end of the great Heathcote Wine Region, for generations. With the move to grape growing and winemaking in 1999, we decided that we could do more than the ubiquitous (although excellent) Shiraz that the region was reknowned for. Following a philosophy of minimal intervention and sustainable practice, we cultivated the varieties that we believed would thrive here and produce wines of equal, if not better quality, than the best Shiraz of the area.

That's why today, Mount Burrumboot Estate produces the widest range of wine varieties in the Heathcote Wine Region. All grown in our vineyards, handmade in small batches by winemakers Cathy and Andrew Branson, with close attention to detail and great passion. Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Gamay, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Marsanne-Viognier and of course, Shiraz. These exciting wines show great varietal character, yet with the characteristics that our vineyard stamps on all our wines, of great intensity of colour, flavour and aroma, with fine tannin structure and velvety mouthfeel.

As long time farmers, we know how to care for our soils, and manage our crops in a way that is sustainable and healthy for the land. In the vineyard, each vine receives individual care, pruned so that it can produce the highest quality fruit. We follow organic practices as far as possible, intervening only when the health of the vineyard is at risk. We encourage diversity in soil microflora, so that the vines receive natural nutrients as far as possible.

Our wines represent extremely high quality, whilst being available at an affordable price. Your customers will be able to enjoy artisan produced, boutique wines of character and integrity, without the risk of having the wines sit on your shelf forever. We look forward to meeting you and showing you some of the exciting new varieties that Heathcote can produce with such great style!

Mount Burrumboot Estate… Thinking outside the square.